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 German Commander saying "Hi"

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PostSubject: German Commander saying "Hi"   Thu 16 Feb - 13:15

Hey all,

my name is Koen, and

[everyone] "Hi Koen!" [/everyone]

ahm, thanks guys!... Ah... Well, I live in Hasselt, and am currently collecting my second FOW Army.

My first army is DAK, until this date sadly -mostly- unglued and unpainted.

The other force is a Late War German Panzergrenadierforce, converted (long coats) and painted for the Battle of the Bulge warfare. Currently it's about 1300 pts strong.

But my first love are the Fallschirmjäger. I managed to buy the FJ HQ - blister but then the whole range was temporarily withdrawn for remastering and probably resculpting. So March sounds very promising.

In all, I love collecting the German figs, for obvious and archetypical reasons: they've simply cool-looking uniforms and their armouris not only rock hard, it looks nasty as well.

So far it's been mostly collecting, but I hope I will soon have the chance to direct my forces on the fields of battle.

Koen, Hasselt
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PostSubject: Re: German Commander saying "Hi"   Wed 26 Apr - 13:19

Hi Koen!

Your DAK Panzer support is standing by.
Now all me have to do is draw out Steven's LRDG and the flames of war will be lighting up the Desert night.

See you soon!

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Bazooka Joe

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PostSubject: Re: German Commander saying "Hi"   Wed 26 Apr - 17:19

Hi Koen and welcome!

I have a brtish army (the Desert Rats) and a Russian army. If you comes one day on Brussels, we could play at the Antre-jeux. Don't you want to come at the Mayday with your DAK ? Idea Wink

L'objet de la guerre ne consiste pas de mourir pour son pays mais de faire en sorte que ce soit l'ennemi qui meure pour le sien! Général Patton
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PostSubject: Re: German Commander saying "Hi"   Wed 26 Apr - 19:18

Koen wrote:

My first army is DAK, until this date sadly -mostly- unglued and unpainted.

Nice choice.

You are welcome.
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[EU] Gendelmeyer

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PostSubject: Re: German Commander saying "Hi"   Sat 14 Aug - 23:12

Well -- how are the fallschirmjagers doing?

Just thinking out loud here...

I always thought it would be a good idea to have a 2 V 2 players game

On German Side have one player command Wehrmacht or SS

and the Other the Fallschirmjagers

Ok ..

On Allied side the same coincept to complete all of the four players

One to control regular Army and the other the Paratroopers...

That's four...

Would need a bigger game board

(I always hate small boards ... )

Also more dice rolls

More chit chat

Longer playing session

Time to think during the game though
and Discuss as a team the strategies

Seems this was one of the great challenges of the "Real" War - communications ;-)

Could be fun...

Or perhaps too complicated with too many players?


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PostSubject: Re: German Commander saying "Hi"   

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German Commander saying "Hi"
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