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City : Brussels
Division : 3rd
Registration date : 2006-01-30

PostSubject: News   Thu 8 Mar - 20:13

Well, in Shops for:


FW 201 D-Day (60 pages) - 22,50 € Look at the FoW page
BR 134 M4 Sherman DD - 8,00 €
BR 172 Sexton - 8,00 €

March 24
BR 036 Crusader AA - 8,00 €
BR 090 Churchill AVRE - 10,00 €
BR 132 Sherman ’Crab’ Flail - 10,00 €

April 14
BR 080 Churchill VII (with Crocodile option)
BR 151 M10 3" SP (with M10 17pdr option)
GE 153 FlaKpanzer 38(t)
US510 M5 3in gun (x2)

April 28
LC 003 Landing Craft LCVP with crew (oh oh, those shown in D-Day book ?) Cool
TD 001 British Airborne Gaming Set
TD 002 US Airborne Gaming Set

May 12
BBX11 British Rifle Company (Late)

May 26
BR511 6pdr gun (Late)
BR722 Rifle Platoon (Late)
BR724 Machine-gun Platoon (Late)
BR725 Mortar Platoon (Late)

Don't forget to ask your QG for proper enlistment! (your pre-orders)
(We still have no informations about the retail prices from March 24th on)

"Arrête avec tes ondes négatives" (De l'or pour les braves)
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