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 News... up to August 2008

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City : Brussels
Division : 3rd
Registration date : 2006-01-30

PostSubject: News... up to August 2008   Thu 3 Jul - 20:40

In Shops 6 July 2008
QPS01 Quartermasters Paint Set
GPS03 German SS Paint Set
UPS01 US Paint Set
QPS03 North Africa Paint Set
GPS02 German Armour Paint Set
BPS01 British Paint Set

In Shops 12 July 2008
GBX19 Panther A Platoon
GBX23 7.5cm PaK40 Anti-tank Gun Platoon
GE813 SS-Panzergrenadier Platoon
GE819 SS-Scout/Tank-hunter Platoon

In Shops 26 July 2008
UBX11 M1 155mm Field Artillery Battery
GBX21 Ernst Barkmann (+Panther A and Workshop)
GE548[/color] SS-3.7cm FlaK43 Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon (x3)
GE544 SS-2cm FlaK38 Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon (x3)

In Shops 16 August 2008
UBX02 M4A1 Sherman Platoon
GPS01 German Infantry Paint Set
QPS02 Utility Paint Set
US950 Pipercub Observation Plane
GE815 SS-Mortar Platoon (6 Mortars)

In Shops 30 August 2008
UBX13 M12 155mm GMC Field Artillery Battery
UBX03 Rifle Company
US734 Machine-gun Platoon
US736 Engineer Combat Platoon
US735 Mortar Platoon

"Arrête avec tes ondes négatives" (De l'or pour les braves)
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News... up to August 2008
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