Belgian players of Flames of War
Flames of War is a trademark of Battlefront miniatures.
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 New guy looking for a game

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PostSubject: New guy looking for a game   Fri 7 Oct - 0:51

Hey guys. My name is Raul and i'm in Brussels for the next 2-3 months. Like a real geek I have my FOW miniatures with me and would like to have a game or two with any of you. I have late war panzer grenadiers. So if anyone is in my area and willing to have a game just let me know. Im a little green and have little expereince with my army and rules but im a decent player.
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PostSubject: Re: New guy looking for a game   Wed 12 Oct - 0:39

Hello venerablewolf and... welcome !
Unfortunately, our "once-upon-a-time" active group of players is quite "asleep" since 1 or 2 years !
Let's hope a few newcomers will awake those guys !
Please, take a tour in the forum and try to send an mp to a guy you would point out, since lot of them seem to even forget they have an army to play FoW !
Rolling Eyes

"Arrête avec tes ondes négatives" (De l'or pour les braves)
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New guy looking for a game
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