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 Sting of The Scorpion -Axis variants

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PostSubject: Sting of The Scorpion -Axis variants   Sat 4 Feb - 18:04

Sting of The Scorpion is one of the most succesful additions to FOW IMHO, but to make it even more interesting I would also like to give the Axis a chance to raid Allied oildumps and airfields.

Information on Axis counterparts to the LRDG and SAS are a bit sketchy but some info is available.

Several Axis recon units acted as ad-hoc detterents to an LRDG raid and then there are of course the more structured formations like the Ragruppamente Sahariana and Sonderkommando Dora. The Brandenburgers in 288 zbv are another interesting topic.

Does anyone have more relevant info? Thanks!
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PostSubject: Ask Pedro   Sat 4 Feb - 22:28

Well, Pedro is our demo guy at l'Antre Jeux. Pedro is a very old (hmm) friend as we used to play ASL for years. Now, Pedro is in the designers team of Critical Hit's ATS system. This guy have a very good knowledge about WWII and he is actually building an italian army... with Sahariana. So, he will be aware of this new forum in the following days and if will not enlist, I'll shoot it with my 88 gun ! Check out for his name in the members...
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PostSubject: Re: Sting of The Scorpion -Axis variants   Wed 8 Feb - 13:23

I am doing a lot of historical research but have been out of the desert for awhile.
I kinda remember the units you mentioned, plus I remember that Major Luck (the one that counter-attacked the british paratroopers at Pegasus bridge in 44) had a special kampfgruppe used for hit-and-run missions during the El Alamein stalemate of the summer 1942. This book was borrowed so I cannot check back but no doubt that I will re-read some books in the near future!

As Markus said, I have bought a force of saharianas to play small hit-and-run scenarios.
Count on me for some action!


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PostSubject: Re: Sting of The Scorpion -Axis variants   

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Sting of The Scorpion -Axis variants
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